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Mac Pro Chassis

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions designed in close collaboration with our clients. These custom solutions range from our cantilevered hot aisle containment enclosure which was designed to simplify operations and maximize efficiency, one our unique chassis designs, and our deceptively simple ground up four post rack enclosure.

We designed custom chassis that enabled their customer to fit 4 cylindrical Apple Mac Pros and integrated 11 chassis in a 46U rack to fit 44 Apple Mac Pros along with required power and networking equipment.

Date: May 2015

Client: Imgix

Category: Chassis

Place: California, USA


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Racklive's Mac Pro chassis houses four Apple Mac Pro chassis in a compact 4U form factor, offering maximum performance with high-density when racked in any standard server cabinet, with fully extendable, heavy-duty slide rails for easy maintenance without removing the chassis from the rack.

Our housing was designed for optimal thermals, wherever deployed, but especially in data center operations taking full advantage of the Hot aisle, Cold aisle concept. It has an isolated, cold-air bulkhead, providing up to 120% of maximum airflow used by 4 Mac Pros, directly at their intakes, using a passive design approach to take full advantage of the Mac Pro's own superior thermals and high capacity, intelligent, speed-sensing fan.

For convenience, it offers an externally mounted HDMI port, two USB 3 ports and an "On/Off" LED for quick visual status, for each of the four Mac Pros, up front (Cold Aisle). In the back (Hot Aisle) are 2 Cat6 Ethernet ports and one power port for a C13 power cable for each Mac Pro unit.

There are also two, convenience, cable pass-thru ports in the rear of the chassis to allow the running of up to 8 Thunderbolt cables from each Mac Pro (two per unit) to any external gear allowing for even more expansion of the Mac Pro's already high end capabilities.

Our chassis comes pre-cabled with:

  • 4 HDMI connecters
  • 8 USB connectors
  • 8 CAT6 Ethernet connectors
  • 4 C13 receptacles
  • 4 LED "On" status indicator lights

Chassis dimensions:

  • 6.95"H x 16.75"W x 32"D

Chassis Weight:

  • Chassis alone - 45lbs (including pre-cabling)
  • Loaded with 4 Mac Pros – Approx. 95lbs