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Racklive is committed to creating trusted relationships focused on operational best-practices and teamwork while supporting your Web and Enterprise applications


Racklive believes that technology plays an important part in doing business. With this belief we offer assistance in managing your finances with convenient leasing options. Racklive is proud of saying that we partner with most of the reputed leasing companies in bay areas.

Information technology is essential for doing business. But managing and maintaining it can be a business in itself. Racklive provides a convenient option for Technology Leasing and provides you ready access to the technology your business needs to prosper without the hassles of outright ownership at a cost that maximizes your return on investment.

We are a company in Fremont with a history in information technology hardware that spans over four decades. At Racklive, we have assembled a team of top mechanical, electrical, and system engineers, production and project managers who work cohesively on datacenter projects from pre-deployment data center site surveys through field (post-shipment) deployment services to customizable customer support options. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive, flexible lease options available.

We're able to offer competitive lease pricing because, unlike many lessors, we deal exclusively in business technology. We understand the equipment and the resale markets. Our Technology Hardware Sales division works with recertified and refurbished equipment — including storage products, print solutions, networking, PC and server hardware, and components — we can offer the best selection and value on the market.

And because your business technology needs do not culminate with leasing or sales, our Business Technology Accommodations division offers value-integrated accommodations ranging from Conveyance, Technical Accommodations and IT Recuperation Solutions to Refurbishment, Storage and Data Eradication.

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Every business has different technology needs, and those needs change with growth, staffing, market conditions and other factors. Racklive offers a best-in-class lease structure for tier-one hardware to meet the needs you have now, and those that you'll have in the future.

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  • Servers
  • Switches
  • Cables
  • Other networking equipments

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