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Dell Server Solutions

Dell is well known throughout the computer technological industry as a leader in innovation, customer service, and sustainable businesses practices protecting the environment. For more than a decade, Dell has entrusted Racklive as one of its titanium partners who sells, installs, and offers support for each product in Dell's extensive portfolio.

A lineup of the Dell products Racklive promotes include Dell servers, switches, and firewalls. Racklive also offers other Dell products including storage systems and virtualization technologies. By implementing the advanced Dell products, we can consistently resolve IT infrastructure issues, such as device and software problems. Our titanium partnership with Dell is a significant part of our focus, and our team has exceptional knowledge of Dell technologies to effectively install and maintenance Dell products that deliver high speed networking and computing power.

Dell Servers

Our main goal is to provide top quality hardware products and services through our Dell titanium partnership. One way we successfully meet our goal is by promoting the installation and usage of Dell servers. The Dell servers we promote harness the advanced technologies of Dell to exceed the servers offered by other competitors in the computer industry. By offering the Dell servers, we provide better quality products to customer with computer needs.

Why Racklive?

Racklive's Dell titanium partnership stands as a reason to trust our team with your computer needs. The partnership reflects a decade of gathered and applied industry knowledge. Through our Dell titanium partnership, our team excels at providing Dell installations and maintenance to customers like you to meet computer hardware challenges. Our relationship with Dell means you as the customer benefit with their technological successes.

Our team seeks to help you meet your technological needs through its Dell partnership. We are proud to be a Dell EMC Titanium Partner, and help you even further with your computer challenges. Being a Dell EMC Titanium Partner gives us an advantage over competitors, since other server companies in the industry only operate as Dell premier partners. We can therefore offer you the highest quality service when it comes to Dell products.

Dell Security

Along with promoting the most advanced products in the technological industry, Dell promotes the security of users. To combat security issues with products in its portfolio, Dell provides advanced security measures including network security and backups to recover essential information stored in your hardware. Each of the security measures further ensures your computer will operate securely under the security solutions provided by Dell. At the forefront of ensuring your security, our team at Racklive adds a layer of protection by ensuring the Dell security measures.

Network Security

Dell security products lead to a more secure network for you to operate on. The security provided from Dell includes the most advanced security solutions for computers to combat both wired and wireless security problems. With the Dell security solutions, networks can be protected from malware and viruses. You can therefore rest assured your hardware with be secured as you operate on networks.

Backup & Recovery

To further secure your assets, Dell security products address the needs of backing up and recovering vital information. Backing up and recovering information on hardware may fall low on other competitors' priorities. However, Dell and Racklive see the essential nature of implementing these security measures. Added security through Dell's security products means advanced protection for your assets..

Racklive's Security

Security issues including a computer virus or spam could compromise your assets linked to your network and hardware. Therefore, our team at Racklive strives to offer the most secure measures to combat your computer's security problems. Given the advanced Dell security solutions, our team has access to provide you with the most advanced security. Our continuing partnership with Dell will provide us with more advanced knowledge as new security issues arise.

Dell Computing

The level of computing we can offer you depends on your needs. Dell offers a range of computing solutions from personal to professional. Our team at Racklive can assist you with the selection of your Dell computing products. Pairing with us at Racklive will ensure you select the most suitable Dell computing product for your needs.

Dell Networking

After installing your Dell product with us, the next step will be to access the Dell networks. Choosing a network will again depend on your computer needs. Whatever your needs, the Dell network will allow you to expand your computing possibilities. Dell networking is another area our team has vast knowledge and experience with installing and monitoring to ensure you get the most of your Dell network.

Our solutions can include:

Hardware and software portfolios Campus Switching: PowerConnect™ switches
Data Center Switching: Dell Force10™ switches
Wireless: PowerConnect W-Series
Blade I/O (input/output): PowerConnect M-Series
Dell OpenManage™ Network Manager
Automation of common tedious tasks in PowerConnect switches
Virtual Integrated System (VIS) Software
Access to the experts through Dell advanced services Our advanced network services help you scope, conceptualize, design, implement and manage new or existing network technologies, and minimize associated disruptions and resource drain.
Best-in-class partners and technology Brocade® industry-leading switching solutions: Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Converged Enhanced Ethernet (CEE) and Ethernet modular and application switching
Aruba® Networks global leader in distributed enterprise networks – wireless networking solutions (PowerConnect W-Series)

Dell Virtualization

Creating a virtualization with Dell products could help you gain the competitive advantage you desire in your next business endeavor. The virtualization products offered by Dell offer an alternative means of presenting your businesses data. Products involving virtualization at Dell can be further utilized to expand your employees' knowledge of the digital world. Our team can also be a vital tool in teaching you how to apply Dell's virtualization tools to your business.

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Dell Storage

As you continue to utilize your Dell products, the data you collect will be a vital asset. The data therefore will need to be stored securely. As mentioned, Dell has security measures for backups and recoveries. To add to your protection, Dell offers storage products to safely store your data. The Dell storage solutions mark another essential element to your developing hardware usage.

At Racklive, we will continue to advise you on how to most effectively operate on your Dell system. The different storage solutions Dell provides will be one area of expertise we can instruction you on to maximize your storage capabilities. By identifying the best storage solution for you, more data can be secured to allow you more freedom in other operations.

Dell Storage Solutions

Storage solutions we offer as a titanium partner include Dell Compellent, EqualLogic, and PowerVault.The solutions each could allow you to effectively manage your storage issues with your hardware. Dell's storage solutions also mark an advanced means to propel your storage solutions.

Dell Softwares

Access to advanced Dell software is another reason to choose our team to help you install and maintenance your hardware. Through our titanium partnership with Dell EMC, we can also provide you with access to Dell's software. Similar to the other Dell products, the software offers advanced solutions to propel your current operations. With our team's knowledge at Racklive, you will be able to implement Dell software and maximize your potential.

Dell Security Software Offerings

Through our team, you can access a variety of security software products. Our knowledge and experience with Dell's software offerings allows us to guide you in making the right decision for your business needs. As you identify needs within your organization, we can assist you with selecting the most useful Dell software product.

We provide the most advanced Dell Software solutions including:

  • Identity governance
  • Access management
  • Privileged management
  • Identity and access management as a service

Dell Services

To ensure your continued success with Dell products, we are committed to providing you with services to monitor your Dell hardware. Gained knowledge as Dell titanium partners allows us to serve a vast range of needs from installation to maintenance. Our team at Racklive serves you by offering additional Dell solutions to allow you to maximize your results while using Dell products. The services our team provides you with an exceptional edge when operating your Dell system.

We will continue to offer you the most advanced service options from Dell. The continuation of Dell services we will provide you offer an advantage for you to identify the potential areas your business can expand with by implementing Dell products. Whether you are being introduced to Dell products or are a veteran Dell user, our team at Racklive can serve you to ensure the technological assets of your business can out compute competitors on an advanced network with the most advanced digital features.

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