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Established in 2011, Racklive is a trusted ISO 9001:2015 certified Data Center division of ASA Computers. With a team of skilled engineers and dedicated project managers, we are committed to collaborating closely with our customers. From pre-deployment, tailored IT solutions to field deployment services, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet your specific requirements.

At Racklive, we understand that many companies prefer to have full control over their infrastructure and develop their own clouds. That's why we offer our expertise in building custom racks for a wide range of applications. We adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics and invest in new technologies to ensure that our customers have the most optimal solutions in place.

To deliver top-notch services, we have premier partnerships with leading manufacturers which enables Racklive to deliver best-in-class servers, storage, and networking products. By staying at the forefront of technology and trainings, we are equipped to meet the evolving needs of our customers effectively. Choose Racklive as your trusted partner for all your IT infrastructure needs. Experience our commitment to excellence and let us help you achieve your business goals in the rapidly advancing digital landscape.


At Racklive, we acknowledge the important role businesses play in tackling climate change. This is why we made a dedicated commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. By investing in solar technology, we now generate up to 60MWh of renewable energy each month at our facility. Our goal is to enhance our corporate citizenship and create value for our customers, employees, and the community. We continuously seek to improve our environmental management program, ensuring we exceed relevant laws, regulations, and other environmentally focused requirements while minimizing our operational impact on the environment.


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Jonathan Shipman – Customer TestimonialTwitch, EVP Engineering Operations

" Racklive's turnkey 'roll-in-rack' product, combined with their sourcing, design, build, deploy, and support capabilities have enabled us to scale infrastructure efficiently while remaining focused on core application and technology development."