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Western Digital

Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP)

  • Form factor: Low-profile PCIe card
  • Performance: RR:3M IOPS, RW:1.3M IOPS, SR:55GB/s, SW:6.6 GB/s
  • Capacity: 128TB protected RAW disk capacity
  • RAID support: RAID 0, 5
  • Compression: Hardware accelerated LZ4
  • SSD vendors: All drive vendors including Samsung, WD, Micron, Intel, Kioxia, Hynix, Seagate
  • SSD support:
    • Interface: PCIe Gen 3/4/5 NVMe & NVMe-oF, SAS, SATA
    • Types: TLC SSD, QLC SSD, ZNS SSD, Intel® Optane™
  • OS support: Most popular Linux variants including RHEL, Ubuntu and Debian
  • Supported servers: All standard servers including Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Supermicro, Quanta, Wywinn, Inspur, Sugon, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Tyan, MiTac, Intel, Cisco, AIC
  • Powerfail protection: All data is protected from sudden power failure protection using onboard Supercapacitors
  • Operating voltage:+12V dc, through PCIe edge connector
  • Physical dimensions: Low profile HHHL (6.6" X 2.536") - Tall and short bracket

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