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From systems to rack.
From data center to cloud.

We build and deploy fully integrated rack solutions for some of the world's most innovative companies

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Application Optimized
Servers & Storage

Building blocks for all your IT infrastructure needs.

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Consistency. Agility. Speed.

We are focused on providing rapid and agile manufacturing with consistent on-time delivery.

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Rack Integration

Racklive's core expertise lies in balancing all the interacting elements of server, storage and networking integration through more than 30 years of experience to support your business needs.

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Engineering Design

Our team of engineers prioritizes your data center needs to design and build customized solutions with maximum optimization.

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Deployment Services

Leverage Racklive for rack-level deployments to reduce overhead costs and lead times for your business. We focus on getting your racks to where they need to be anywhere around the globe so your team can focus on growing your business.

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Warranty & Support

A range of warranty and support services is provided from standard to advanced parts replacement warranty.

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We understand that every business has different technology needs and the same for your business' financial goals. Racklive has multiple financing options available to meet your business budgetary needs.

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We help your business succeed

Delivering the most optimized turnkey data center solutions to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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