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What We Offer

Design Engineering

Racklive offers a range of mechanical, electrical, and appliance customization services. Racklive offers prototype to production quantities focused on flexibility, agility, and consistency. Our design & engineering staff is on-hand to assist in customized rack and server solutions as required.

Rack Integration

Racklive's core expertise lies in the Data Center focused on webscale customers and rack-level integration and deployment services. Leveraging senior leadership formerly from Rackspace and Rackable Systems, the company quickly built core competencies and Data Center Solutions for customers globally.

System Integration

Racklive's core competency since its inception in 1989 stems from being an Intel System Builder and manufacturer of OEM, ODM, and Whitebox server technologies. The Integration Center provides server and storage build services offering agile/lean manufacturing, staged burn-in, testing, and asset verification and reporting.

Deployment Service

Leveraging factory integration for rack-level deployments reduces cost and lead times while increasing quality and consistency out of the factory and into production. We also offer turnkey deployment services from white-glove roll-in place delivery thru installation, test, and turn-up.

The Results?

    Speed – Fast, on-time deployments | Agility – Flexible, customer-driven | Consistency – Trusted quality

Warranty & Support

Racklive offers a range of Warranty and Support Services consisting of Technical Support, Global Onsite Support, Parts Management, and Worldwide Logistics for varying deployments sizes and SLA requirements.

Technology Financing

Simplify your technology financing. We offer multiple financing options to meet your cash flow requirements and can help you understand how leasing can benefit your business and your bottom line. Let us customize a lease technology solution for your business today and we'll work with you every step of the way.

Racklive says, “Yes!” when companies say, “No.”

We Innovate, making yesterday’s solutions better.

We Invent, making tomorrow’s ideas available today.

We listen to our customers’ needs and add products, features and capabilities based on their Wish Lists.

We make it when we can’t buy it, like our own racks when our customers needed features and capabilities not commercially available previously.

We Design, Build, Rack and Deploy.You Go Live! We are Racklive!

You need a partner that you can trust to help you through that "Last Mile" for that high quality deployement- You can achieve with Racklive

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